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Future Bora Initiative

Future Bora Initiative aims to catalyze interventions that expand economic opportunities for the most vulnerable and under-served Kenyan youth. By supporting interventions that are tailored to the local and highly specific needs of the most vulnerable youth, the Initiative aims to reduce the obstacles that these youth face while seeking employment and income generation opportunities.

Future Bora Initiative is unique from the other KYEOP products in that it does not target the intended beneficiaries directly, but seeks to benefit them through intermediaries (organizations that give specific focus to the hard to serve groups to better their livelihoods). The initiative will therefore identify high-potential interventions and fund them to scale.

The targeted segment for the development and delivery of the desired interventions can be any qualifying organization with a presence in Kenya. This should include social enterprises, non-government organizations (NGOs), Private Sector, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), or partnerships among these various types of organizations.

Three interventions will be selected based on their ability to address a specific population need, this will be based on their expected impact on the target group, sustainability, cost effectiveness and scalability. Selected organizations will have to demonstrate financial integrity, relevant capabilities, clear management and operational structures.

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