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230 Youths Graduate From KYEOP Project

More than 230 graduates from Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Project (KYEOP) Kisumu chapter, have been urged to make use of their acquired skills to propel them into available employment opportunities.

While speaking to KYEOP graduates at Kisumu Social Hall, Principal Secretary of State Department for Youth Affairs, Mr Charles Sunkuli, officiated the ceremony, which brought together beneficiaries from across the Nyanza region.

“I am greatly honored to officiate today’s KYEOP graduation ceremony here in Kisumu which brings together beneficiaries trained by JADFAD, one of the formal training providers contracted to offer Job-Specific Skills Training (JSST),” said Sunkuli.

JADFAD consultancy offers training programmes that transform skills development hence a smooth transition into the job market.

The graduates, he said, have undergone rigorous job-specific training skills (JSST) as well as being tested and certified by National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) an aspect that has put the beneficiaries in a good place ready to fit in the job world.

Sunkuli told the 230 graduates from Kisumu who are part of 51,000 beneficiaries who trained and completed their courses successfully that they form a critical component of the labor force necessary to accelerate the implementation of vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.

“I believe the skills you have gained during your training will offer and enhance employment opportunities in the world of work to enable you to earn sustainable livelihoods,” he reiterated.

He said by putting the skills they acquired into practice during the training in various trade areas, this will open up more life-changing job opportunities.

The Principal Secretary moreover told the graduates that they have a role to lift the living standards of their fellow youths within their respective localities by equipping them with similar skills to gain employment hence increasing their participation in the National Development Agenda.

Sunkuli said that the Government is determined to increase employment and earning opportunities for youth through the KYEOP project by implementing various initiatives to curb unemployment in the country.

KYEOP offers training and internships, which provides short courses to the youth as well as job experience.

Other initiatives include business support, where selected youth benefit from small grants, business plan competition, large grants awarded to selected youth-led organizations with the capacity to provide many employment opportunities to young people, and the Future Bora programme reaching vulnerable and marginalized young people through organizations that support these special categories.

PS stated that the State Department for Youth had initiated several other programs to address the needs and challenges of the youth such as safe spaces for youth interaction, innovation and incubations (YECs).

The platform offers Digital training and citizenry dialogues (KIKAOs), innovation talents exploitation for economic gains and access to funds through Youth Enterprise Development Fund, UWEZO, among others all to create employment.

Additionally, Vijana Vuka na Afya which aims at enhancing the uptake of reproductive health services among youth, he said, is on his agenda to transform this critical group.

Sunkuli thanked the World Bank for its commitment to avail funds towards facilitating youth projects in getting technical support necessary for employment opportunities.

“I want to thank the World Bank in a special way for availing funds for the project. Your technical support is highly appreciated,” he said.